Our Lending Program is a combination of Business Lines of Credit, Credit Cards, and Term Loans if necessary.If you qualify for credit based lending, the minimum requirements are two years in business and a credit score of over 680. We also have resources for start-up businesses and business owners who have bruised credit. The borrower(s) cannot be currently in bankruptcy. Although these products require a personal guarantee, they only report to the business credit. We broker these deals to various lending institutions such as banks and private lenders if needed. The goal is to make this a simple transaction for you, the business owner. We have great relationships with the institutions and almost all our loans are done stated, therefore, limited paperwork required. We have completed 12 of these transactions in the last month.

The Total Fee for our services is 10% of the total amount loaned to the business.
We have a one – time $499 application fee which is non-refundable; however, it is applied to the Total Fee. The Total Fee is only paid after your access to the line or loan has been granted.

I have attached more information about our program. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me

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